Creating email aliases for Domains for Windows Live

August 31, 2012 at 12:53 AMJoshua Harley
Update: wlalias 1.5 has been released!

So I recently switched from using Google Apps for your domain to the Domains for Windows Live (starting to think I have that named wrong). As part of the move I needed to be able to create aliases for my account ro receive all of my email proper. Ater a ton of searching I stumbled on a post that mentioned that while you can't create aliases through the web interface you can create aliases if you use their web application programming interface. Continuing my search I eventually found the API documentation and quickly whipped up a program that could communicate with the API to accomplish my goal and create aliases.

Fast forward about three weeks later and my best friend is needing to create aliases too, and quite a bit of them too from what I hear. Now, I originally wrote my tool for my use only (and one time use at that too) but I tried to modify it so my friend could use it without needing Visual Studio or any other programming tools. While it did launch, it didn't seem to work (which makes no sense) but after a bit of talking, and hearing his frustration on how hard this is, he convinced me to create a full blown utility program to help everyone manage aliases with Windows Live.

So, without further ado, I present to you the first alpha version of wlalias. Wlalias is a .Net Framework 4 application written in C#. It is completely open source and public domain, and is tentatively licensed under the MS-PL license. Basically, you're free to download it and make changes, but you cannot use it in any commercial project that makes money. This tool is something I am doing in my own time and I do not provide any warranty or guarantee that my tool will work. Hell, for all I know it could manage to blow up your computer - but, it wouldn't be my fault.

Currently only the listing of aliases has been done (it is the only non-committal operation out there I'm working with) and it can be downloaded right now for testing. For your viewing pleasure, I've included a censored screenshot of it listing my current aliases. Yes, for whatever reason, Windows Live lists my phone number as an alias.