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Creating my own blog

Well, as I am sure you have noticed, I am attempting to create my own blog. I hope to have the basics done soon, but for now you can at least view the 10 latest entries as I add them back in. This blog will be coded using ASP.NET 2.0 (in C#) using both the master pages and having a web service backend. For storage I have moved to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. I wasn't too happy about how dasBlog was performing, so instead of searching for yet another one (that'd make three that I've tried to use) I decided that I have learned enough to get me started. I have used many online resources, from google to codeproject to a new site I can't remember right now. All of this code is written by me, and you won't find any online examples that match my code (like you do with some projects when people find codeproject and whatnot.) Ok, so far you have only two pages: default.aspx, which you're probably viewing right now, and category.aspx, which I just got working this morning. Yes, that means you can click on the categories listed beneath the entries and it will show you all related entries (once again, that I have entered so far.) Well, it is early in the morning and I am quite tired. Keep an eye out for progress!