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Even the best forget sometimes

Over the last few days since I've rebuilt my network (which still has problems, grrr), I noticed my website visits dropping. A lot. Like from about fifteen unique visitors a day to none... none at all. At first I thought it was because my site was down for about 9 hours, so some of the search engine web crawlers decided to write my site off for a bit... but then I posted to my site, and told friends to check it out... and they got "Page cannot be displayed". That made me think about a few things... first off I have been using Bit Torrent recently, downloading music from Alex Hephaestion from his Ambient Nights website. Don't worry, all of his music is free to download! So I stopped the download, thinking it has saturated my connections (not speed because I was only averaging about 40KB/s, my pipe tops out at around 165KB/s for now) but that still didn't fix the problem. Next up was checking it from my phone, thinking those people aren't smart enough to troubleshoot on their own, heheheh... also down. Then I decided to check my traffic policy on Kerio WinRoute Firewall, and sure enough, I forgot to add an entry to allow traffic on port 80 to the server! Man did I feel stupid! Yup, me feeling stupid - who would have guessed?

Anywho, I apologize for my gazillions of readers who visit this site every 2 seconds for an update, and for those lurkers out there that refuse to leave comments!

Hopefully GibixOnline will stay online from now on.