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Minor Updates #1

I still haven't sorted out the problem if you use names instead of guids for links and you end up with duplicate names... I don't even know where to start with that one. Actually, though, I've come to tell you that I *believe* I have removed all hard coded references to my network/website from the code. As far as I can tell, it all uses the SiteConfiguration namespace (soon to be on the wiki) for all of its information about the set up and how things are supposed to work. At this point, I think I will attempt to extract my database/stored procedures and see how easy (hard!) it will be to have you, the end user, implement.

A few changes that you probably won't notice are:

  • The WindowsLiveSearch bar in the upper left is now a simple function (named WindowsLiveSearch()) that you can call from your theme's master page. It will automatically enter in your website as the default search.

  • The RSS feed is also in a function that you can add and remove yourself from your theme's master page file (RssFeed()). This also is dynamically created from your goblog.config file.

  • Keep an eye out! Hopefully there will be a download available soon. (Version 0.00000001 pre alpha pre beta pre omega etc CTP preview release)