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It's Official

Well people, it is official now, I am going to attemt to get MCSE certified in the ways of Windows Server 2003! Hopefully they won't require me to take the courses/classes because there are none offered here in the state of Colorado... makes for an exciting time. What is quite neat about taking the exams and whatnot, is that the actual exams cover some of the basic ideas behind Active Directory and security, among others... and they come with a nice "self-paced training kit" which contains the step by step directions I've been looking for to set up Active Directory, Systems Management Server 2003 (which just came in my MSDN subscription!), and Exchange 2003 (also in my MSDN subscription).

If any of you have any tips, or know anything I should know... drop me a line!

(Pearson VUE, a testing company that offers a ton of certifications, has a location right next to the interstate! That is about a 5 minute drive from my house!)