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Oh yeah, my blog

It has been almost a month now since my last post... I almost forgot I even had a website here... A lot has happened believe it or not. At work we are implenting a Windows 2003 Active Directory (finally moving towards an all Windows environment! Wee!) and that has been going quite roughly. We seem to have most of the teachers logging on with a generic account until we can figure out a way to export the users from Oracle and import them into Active Directory. Student computers are now getting recloned and attached to the domain as well.

I have a few projects going on here at home as well. Well just one right now really... I am using the guide from (not the first time either!) I am building a dedicated system to run the open source MythTV program. For my tuner I hope to get my hands on a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-350 for its MPEG2 encoding and decoding for TV out. Using this system my puny (donated) system of 256MB RAM and Intel Celeron 366MHz will be able to do its thing without much hassle (reported that its CPU usage will be around 5%-10% while watching live tv). To take care of the recording/live tv bit, I bought a cable (didn't have the parts available to make it myself) from to be able to control my DirecTV D10-200 receiver from the computer! That way I can disable all on screen information and do recordings/live tv from MythTV!