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URL Redirects Redux Redux?

You know your day is not going well when you get up late, and Starbucks screws up your order - an order you depend on to wake up to be able to work. It really wasn't a great day after all, well at work at least... we had a power outage that lasted quite a while - so I was sent home since I'm useless without power/computers. I certainly hope our server is ok.

Right before the power outage, I just had a breakthrough in doing the archive list feature - and how to query sql to get the information I needed. Naturally I hadn't saved the query yet (and I was using the school's SQL server) when the power went out - so I hurriedly took a screenshot of what I had on the screen, since I could no longer use the remote desktop window because it was disconnected.

Partial screenshot of SQL Server Management studio.

As you can see, it wasn't much to work on, but thankfully it was enough. Of course, it didn't help that I did yard work right after getting off work. Ah well, enjoy the new feature! (Man I love uploading images!)

I also rewrote the regex for url mappings - I now support extra name groupings so you're no longer required to use what I support (I find the names dynamically). And for services for remapping the old rss.aspx/permalink.aspx files now issue a 301 Permanent Redirect, rather than a 302 Temporary Redirect in hopes to get people to move, like the Google Reader.