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Eventlog ID 2021 (Source: Srv)

Well, here at work, I ran into a nice little problem with a pseudo-server. I have a Windows XP machine running as a file server, which unfortunately entails a 10 concurrent user limit (no big deal here). The problem arose when they were viewing the contents of the hard drive, loaded with .tiff files, over a 100Mbit network. Mind you, the system itself is a 350MHz, 128MB RAM system, with an 8GB (os), 30GB, and 10GB striped together. Long story short, they were having issues where the server itself just stopped responding. Looking at the event log revealed an ID error of 2021 from the process Srv. Googling that (quite simple) I came across this article: KB 317249. I ran the registry edits Microsoft recommended, and all seems to be well right now, which is nice. For those of you who didn't follow the link, long story short, the network/file viewing requests were quickly filling the non-paged pool... and once it ran out... boom.

For those of you following my blog, it seems IE7 Beta 2 (7.0.5296.0) seems to have issues using the hyperlink tool in the RichText window editor.