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Updated Blog

Well, some of you might have noticed that the site was down for a few hours today. I finally downloaded the SVN version of dasBlog and finally, after a few hours, managed to get it working. What doesn't matter to you (but does to me) is I now have the source code sitting on my desktop here so I can add, change, and update the code as I see fit. This will make it much easier to create my own modules and other things because I compile the website myself instead of using a precompiled download. This also allows me to update to the latest SVN version as they commit changes. Another change I have made to the website is the addition of the /media directory, simple theme images and required images will now be in the /images folder and any other media (music, movies, pictures) that I post to the website will now appear under /media. I have already gone through my last few posts and updated the tags to point to the new location, if you find any let me know.

As it stands, I am liking this new theme that was supplied and I was thinking of modifying it, but I'm not sure how. So keep an eye out. Oh yeah! Captcha images should also work now for comment posting.