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They're watching me

Well, it has finally happened... the government is watching me. Why? I do not know... I have done nothing illegal at all! At least, not to my knowledge. My guess is that you don't believe me at all... but guess what? I have proof! Yeah, that's right! Real, undeniable proof, taken from my own living room window with my own camera!


When I first saw this truck across the street, I thought nothing of it. Recently everyone in Colorado Springs has decided that it costs about the same to run air conditioning in your house compared to 17 fans (fans include window fans, box fans, and ceiling fans). Well, I should say everyone in Colorado Springs but us... but that is a different story (hell, my room lights flicker when my neighbor has his a/c turn on, it's quite annoying!). I almost ignored this big truck, but I decided to look closer!


Look at that equipment sitting on top of that truck! I don't think a plumbing company needs three antennas and a satellite dish! Here is the full, unedited photo (2032x1524 ~ 4.3MB).

A Closer Look

A close-up view of the equipment on top of this so-called plumbing truck. It is looking quite believable now isn't it? I'm not done yet though... there is another piece of evidence that I want to show you. Look closely at the upper left of the truck's logo.

Close up of logo

Do you see it? I do, but for those of you who are still being stubborn I will provide you with a slightly modified picture, only the color levels have been edited in this picture.

A closer look, edited

There! Now you see it, it looks like that the truck used to be an Airborne Express truck. Yeah, very spooky now. It looks like the truck used to be labeled something else before Airborne Express though, let me clean it up for you.


There, clear as day! "TOP SECRET GOVERN I SPY TUC" which looks suspiciously familiar to "TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT SPY TRUCK" if you ask me.

I hope this opens your eyes to the fact that the government will spy on anyone with no reason at all! Whatsoever! I haven't done anything, yet look at the truck across the street! This is scary, so if you don't hear from me later you'll know what happened! SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE, EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW! WELL, EXCEPT FOR PEOPLE YOU HATE.

Don't forget your tin-foil hats people... they're important too! They keep the government from reading your mind! And your wallet!