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URL Redirects

URL Redirecting has been written (by me!) and enabled. You should now notice that you access certain parts of the website through more readable links than before. Accessing a tag is as easy as typing in /tags/{tag}.aspx - so using something like /tags/OperatingSystems.aspx will pull up the operating systems tag. Same thing for viewing a post, you can type in /view/{postname}.aspx, and if you're feeling up to it you can even type in /guid/{guid}.aspx!

I also did some rearranging on the site, and I moved the RSS feed and other items into a subfolder called Services - yes that does mean that the RSS link has moved again - but fear not! My URL rewriting plugin will take care of redirecting you to the new one - in fact I was looking through my logs and noticed I was still getting hits on category.aspx?name=blah... so I created a nice little rewrite for that one too! Hopefully this will help prevent 404s from happening in the future.

A few more features on the list for this weekend is to actually implement the choices of "Allow comments", "Is Public" and "Syndicate", Enabling commenting with some sort of captcha, allowing editing and deleting of posts, and also creating an ajax script that will ask the server for tags you already have created when making a new post - since I have it set up for you type in manually!

In fact, I think I'll test that right now... I'll create a new tag called Blog Updates so I don't flood the Site Information tag with information on the progress of the blog!