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It got worse and worse and worse

Some of you may have noticed that my uptime has been rather low recently. My web server, Yggdrasil, has been BSODing and slowly generating errors that make no sense. Within the last 12 hours I have seen the stop errors 0x8e, 0xD0, 0x4e, and a few others. After much swearing and screaming I had finally resolved to reformat the thing. Any of you who know my current setup knows that Yggdrasil not only hosts the website and Kerio, but it also hosts my TFS front end. If there is anything you need to know about TFS 2005 it should be that TFS 2005 does not natively support access from the internet... and if you change the default ports or enable SSL you have now broken upgrades, unless you revert back to its original setup. It was one huge pain to set up! Anywho, I don't have a recent backup of Yggdrasil that I could restore.

David was kind enough to lend me his PE Bootable CDs to allow me to access the hard drive and copy off what files I needed. This was failing too... meaning the solution was more than reformatting... go figure. As the series of BSODs got more entertaining I started suspecting hardware, more specifically the RAM.

Long story short, I removed one stick of 512MB RAM and am now running at half of the RAM Yggdrasil used to have. It's slower, but it is stable.

Stable enough that I haven't had to reformat.



Also! One of the many reasons I don't want to reformat (one being the HUGE task of trying to set everything up again) is the fact that I am finally moving into my own apartment this Saturday (2008-01-12)! You can expect some outages next week as I get my new network set up and repoint the DNS entries.

Wish me luck! (and my server luck too!)