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It didn't get any better

Flight #3

Nice! Well I was hoping for an uneventful flight back... you know... nothing to write about. It turns out that during the preflight check there was a "small hydraulic line leak" on our plane, a DC9-40 - it was so small that it needed to be towed to the hangar to be fixed. So here we are in the Detroit Municipal Airport (DTW) and are quickly rerouted to a DC9-30, which now has a small problem in the left gear brake. Go Figure... we'll probably miss our connecting flight home too! I do hope that this one is flight worthy... WOO it is!

Flight #4

Ok, we landed fine... thankfully. Problem was our connecting flight was two concourses away! We had ten minutes to run and ride the rail there. Thankfully a gate attendant let us in after they closed the doors. We are on a Boeing 757 flown by Delta, it is one of the song aircraft, so ours was pink for breast cancer. They have Linux driven monitors in all the chairs. How do I know this? The system crashed and had to be rebooted! Hehe. I've been watching the news about the missiles fired from North Korea and Wimbledon. They even have a channel that lets you view flight information. We're flying at 34,001 feet (10,362 Meters), 497 MPH (800 KPH), 404 miles (646 KM) covered and its 8 degrees fahrenheit(-13 degrees Celsius). We should arrive in 1:46 at 7:26PM MDT. See you there!

Whoa the flight attendants were just told to sit down... This could get turbulent. *worried*. The guy I'm sitting next to is huge! Ugh. The chick on my other side is studying with a huge book for the PSATs, though she was quite nice.

Oh yeah, turbulence.... Wow! 1 degree Fahrenheit! Brrrrrr. You know, they need to work on that ETA thing. It's just about 7pm right now in Colorado... And we're not even in Oklahoma! That and we're turning southwest to *attempt* to miss some storms. Doesn't look like that'll happen though.

Hmm, -2 degrees fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) outside and we are at 36,001 feet (10976 Meters)

Hehe, in a minute we are about to fly over Wheeler, TX. That is kinda cool.

Well, it seems that those two blurbs were quite random, but I must say that the Boeing 757 plane was nice, even when we hit turbluence it really didn't feel too bad. I'm just glad our luggage was alrady at the airport when we got off. Saved us a huge hassle.