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UPS Sucks

You never really hate a company until they screw up with you, even if you have done business with them for years. Today, that company is UPS. I have heard rumors before about being careful in shipping anything over a 32" TV, and I figured those were just cautious people or people that didn't like UPS at all. Well, in this case I'm going to join the crowd. Just look at these pictures:

Picture of a broken LCD panel in the TV, completely distoring the image.

Alternate angle (more straight on than the previous one).

Arrrgh! Just imagine my frustration in receiving a 37" HDTV and testing it just to find out they broke the freakin screen! Thankfully I've heard good things about Syntax-Brillian and how they handle these situations.

On a much lighter and happier subject, since its inception my spam filter has blocked 22 messages since midnight of 2007-10-08! And I have yet to have an actual spam comment on here! Woo! Naturally, Jared has reminded me that it'll never be perfect... which I do know - but it's pretty damn nice!