UPS Sucks

October 10, 2007 at 12:37 AMJoshua Harley

You never really hate a company until they screw up with you, even if you have done business with them for years. Today, that company is UPS. I have heard rumors before about being careful in shipping anything over a 32" TV, and I figured those were just cautious people or people that didn't like UPS at all. Well, in this case I'm going to join the crowd. Just look at these pictures:



Arrrgh! Just imagine my frustration in receiving a 37" HDTV and testing it just to find out they broke the freakin screen! Thankfully I've heard good things about Syntax-Brillian and how they handle these situations.

On a much lighter and happier subject, since its inception my spam filter has blocked 22 messages since midnight of 2007-10-08! And I have yet to have an actual spam comment on here! Woo! Naturally, Jared has reminded me that it'll never be perfect... which I do know - but it's pretty damn nice!

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AntiSpam (tm)

October 7, 2007 at 6:44 AMJoshua Harley

Ha, it's freakin 5:41 in the morning, and here I am coding... about to fall asleep! Guess what! Part 1 of my AntiSpam (tm) project went well. Keyword matching is up and working! With weights! This means that you can specify certain words to be weighed more than others. Take the word viagra for example, its a favorite amongst spam people but there is a tiny possibility that an actual person would want to use it in a comment. By applying a weight to the words, it will actually allow a post if the weight does not go above 100. If viagra had a weight of 10, that means it will take at least 10 uses of the word to trigger the keyword filter. You can also specify a weight of 100 for a word too - meaning no matter what, it is instant blocking of the post.

I feel quite accomplished... good night!

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