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HDD Info: Samsung HM160HI

As you can see from the images below my laptop's hard drive, a Samsung HM160HI, is starting to exhibit some issues. While the actual read speeds are quite high (especially since it runs at 5400 RPM) the temperature itself is bad. Idle the drive itself runs at about 55 °C and under load it runs at 57 °C. This makes the laptop case itself burn you when touched. Being that this is the only drive in the laptop these tests were run while running Windows 7 from that drive.

Samsung HM160HI Benchmark Graph

Read speeds and access time for the 5400RPM drive. Not bad.

Samsung HM160HI Drive Information

Drive Information. No SATA II or NCQ support.

Samsung HM160HI S.M.A.R.T. Health Status

The relocated sector count has been at 3 for quite a while.

Samsung HM160HI Simple Surface Graph

No errors on the disk ... yet.