wlalias 1.5 released - Create email aliases for Domains for Windows Live

December 23, 2012 at 11:06 PMJoshua Harley

An update to the wlalias tool has been released. This release is mostly a bug fix release. The most significant change is that SoapExceptions now attempt to retrieve the internal error information provide the information to the user.

A couple of questions by users have come up, so without further ado, a mini FAQ:

  • How many aliases can I add to a user?

    The actual Windows Live documentation says 15 aliases can be added (see the remarks section) but end users have reported that they can only add 5 aliases to one user using this tool. I am still looking in to the issue.

  • I've received a SoapExecption. What do I do?

    If you're using version 1.0 of the tool, upgrade now to 1.5 and try again. There are many, many reasons why the SoapException can occur, but the most common reason mentioned occurs when attempting to add an alias using an email address that is already in use by an actual Windows Live account. Until I see what the actual error description is, I can't really know though.

  • What's next for the tool?

    I have plans to add support to evict and import members. Evicting members will allow you to kick out existing accounts that may have been registered using your domain before it was added to Windows Live for Domains. Importing members will allow you to import an unmanaged user in to your domain if it was registered in your domain. These two methods should help provide solutions for the question above.

If you haven't already, go download release 1.5 now and see if it helps. If you haven't used it, but want to add aliases to your Windows Live domain, give it a run, it should work. No new features have been added, so see the initial post on wlalias 1.0 on a tutorial of the program.

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